BECOME WHAT YOU ARE - Depth Psychology and Trauma Therapy

General Conditions "The Intensive"

Note! Primal Session and Intensive-rules:
No one will enforce the compliance with these rules, the responsibility lies entirely in your hand. If you want to make the most out of your therapy and speed up your healing, compliance with these rules is crucial.

Giving up all strategies

  • No contacts
    no phone calls, no meetings, no going out, no talking, chatting, internet...
  • No drugs
    including alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, sweets, chocolate,
    medications (provided that they are not vital)
  • No background distraction
    TV, radio, mobile, computer, all are taboo
  • No intensive sports
    intensive sports might trigger distribution of drugs inherent to the human body
  • No acting out whatsoever
    no compulsive acts, no meditation (Vipassana is ok),
    no masturbation/sex, no overeating,
    no oversleeping etc.

Leaving the ordinary

  • Accommodation
    Accommodate for this time in a pension or a camping
  • Work
    Take holidays! You are not accesible!
  • Family
    Take holidays! You have to access yourself in the first place!

Concentration and Self-Expression

  • Listening to music, dancing
    (no radio!!!)
  • Writing
    Keep an „Intensive-Diary"; write down how you are, write letters (but do not send them!)
  • Nature and walking
    Walk in nature, this helps your spi
    rit and psyche to set in motion
  • Making music, painting, creating