BECOME WHAT YOU ARE - Depth Psychology and Trauma Therapy

Trauma - healed by facing the pain

Feelings/emotions that gain expression do not hurt. What hurts is the blockage. Life is motion and as long as it is allowed to move it doesn't hurt. Whenever it is stopped the pain grows. Therefore the will of healing always means to deal with pain. The frozen life starts to flow again when the pain is allowed to brake through.

Healing can occur when a traumatic situation is experienced emotionally in the right context (it isn't REexperienced but experienced for the very first time; Janov calls this moment "primal"). To experience emotionally is much more than just the diffuse sensations that usually (not really) happen in the interior.

The technique of regression

To express emotions might offer relief but does not cause healing. It is crucial to experience all those emotions in the correct context. You are kind of time travelling back to the time and place where the crack has happened. That's the moment when a new course will be set for you.

Thus the blockage realeases, the view unveils, the diversity of the world and one's own possibilities increase and the heart disburdens. Compulsions, addictions, diseases disappear all by themself; serenity, insight, forgiveness, self-esteem arise. All this is not to be "learned" or "practiced", it happens of it's own volition as a result of disolving such blockages and healing the traumas.

Emotions and their physical expression:

Grief: Crying, moaning
Joy: Laughing, jumping, exulting
Anger: Scream, beating, kicking, stampin one's feet
Fear: Trembling, chattering teeth
Affection: Hugging, caressing, cheering

"People that are not able to cry together, aren't able to laugh together neither."
(Malidoma Somé)