BECOME WHAT YOU ARE - Depth Psychology and Trauma Therapy

Trauma - developed by pain

Trauma always represents a survival mechanism. It originates when the natural expression of feelings is averted. Humans block their feelings if their expression is perceived as life-threatening. The stronger the avoided feeling the stronger the blockage.

It isn't important for this mechanism how horrible the situation is - but that there is no possiblility to feel it. The feeling/emotion is so to speak frozen and with it the exact memory of the traumatic situation.

Fatally enough there is a part of the self frozen, too, and is not available anymore afterwards. Even more fatal is that the frozen situation keeps being present and persistent (and conserved freshly) and influences every decision, action, thought, feeling, emotion that it concerns in any way.

Furthermore a flattening of the emotional abilities occurs; because every deep emotion - deep felt joy also - touches those hidden emotions. The world becomes smaller and smaller.

The most fatal effect is that a human being attracts situations that resemble the traumatic one. So the more he tries to shun the pain, the more vehement his experiences will try to remind him.

Indications for this type of therapy

Depression, grief, life crises, addictions, traumatic experiences, blockages, amnesia because of traumatic experiences, alexithymia, flattened emotions.

"He who does not remember his past is doomed to repeat it."
(George Santayana)