BECOME WHAT YOU ARE - Depth Psychology and Trauma Therapy

General Conditions "The Session"

On principle you are allowed to do ANYTHING

  • If ever possible don't leave the room during sessions (not even for the toilet)
  • Don't eat and drink during sessions
  • No alcohol, cigarettes, other drugs or personal tranquillizers (such as masturbation e. g.) before and during sessions
  • If ever possible no medications before and during sessions, unless they are vital for your health (this is your own decision and responsibility)
  • Never ever hurt yourself or others physically
  • If you damage something in whatever way, you have to pay for it or replace it
  • Wear comfortable clothes that allow for adequate breathing and moving

The „Stop-Rule“

You or I can abort the process at any time by saying „Stop, I mean it.“
Note! Primal Session and Intensive-rules:
No one will enforce the compliance with these rules, the responsibility lies entirely in your hand. If you want to make the most out of your therapy and speed up your healing, compliance with these rules is crucial.