BECOME WHAT YOU ARE - Depth Psychology and Trauma Therapy

General Conditions

The compliance with these requirements is crucial for the success of our therapeutic work. For me it is the precondition to start and continue the therapy.

Therapy appointments obtain the first priority in your life. Without this agreement healing is not possible. Defense is a tricky thing and has to be identified as such. You might be tempted to cancel sessions because of the following reasons:

Physical Symptoms
common: headaches, sickness, diarrhea, sore throat, colds etc.

Emotional Symptoms
such as: not feeling like therapy today, no drive. feelings concerning the therapist etc.

Mental Symptoms
such as: forgetting your date, date recorded wrongly, coming late, loosing one's ways etc.

Situation Symptoms
such as: other dates getting in the way, being delayed, missing the bus, no money etc.

It is important to know that these things quite often serve to avoid therapy sessions and inner growth. Experience shows that often especially in those sessions that one would have liked to cancel a lot of things start to move.