BECOME WHAT YOU ARE - Depth Psychology and Trauma Therapy

The Therapy

The goal is to find the own self and to stabilize it as far as it does not need unwanted defence-mechanisms for survival anymore. You will be "real" then (to use Janov's terminology), and you live out of your own core. Unfortunately your healing-path has not come to an end with that, because this own core is often so very harmed and has to reassemble itself by working through some more traumatic material.

Therapy starts with an Intensive (personal consultations or group sessions). Subsequent to this it is recommended to get 2 sessions per week during the following six months. Bit by bit the personal consultations can be replaced by group sessions. Thereafter the necessity of sessions mostly reduces itself to one per week or one in 15 days. Later on therapeutic help will only be needed in special cases of crisis. Janov writes about a duration of 18 months if this frequency of sessions is met.

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The Intensive

Duration: 3 weeks, 15 personal consultations or group sessions.
Five sessions per week which last around 1,5 hours. Two days of break per week.

Proceeding this way a fast reduction of the neurotic defence-system is procurable. There is simply no time to give it the chance to restructure as it was until the next session takes place. During your Intensive you absolutely should avoid anything that you are usually using to maintain your defence-system and smooth your inner torment.

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The Session

Duration: Personal consultation 1,5 h, Group Session 2-3 h.

The session starts with you lying on a matrass on the floor. The posture is the most defenceless as possible, which means: lying on the back, the arms rest beside the body, the palms are open and directed upwards, the eyes are closed. Furthermore the wearing of a blindfold (same as you use in aeroplanes) could help you to connect better to yourself. The room is shaded. I'm sitting beside you.

You are aware of what happens inside you. After a while there will be sensations, or emotions coming up, or images or sentences. Something is always coming up! It is important that you tell me anything that is happening in some short words. Don't worry, I will help you with this and will just ask you from time to time. We start exactly where you are at the very moment.

Usually there are no specifications or plans for the course of the session. I comply with your very therpeutic process, whereever it may lead, and I accompany and support you.

Important: We don't converse! We can still do this at the end of the session.

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