BECOME WHAT YOU ARE - Depth Psychology and Trauma Therapy
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Carmen Reiss

Alternative practitioner of pychotherapy

(Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie)

in  English, French, German

Location: Praxis Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 49
D-68167 Mannheim

International appointments as well via skype  -  skype: carmen.reiss
landline: +49 621 33 61 87-7  •  fax: +49 621 33 61 87-8  •  mobile: +49 174 98 024 99

I practice the Integrative Primal Therapy since 1999 as an Alternative Pratitioner of Psychotherapy - but my contact with this therapy amounts to 15 years more than this. Since 1984 have I seen and experienced many processes of feeling and healing in myself, my therapy mates in different training groups and in my clients.

All these experiences made me come to the conclusion that every problem of humans has at least one root in traumatic mermories. So very often has the releasing of psychological trauma been leading to the healing of diseases (as well physical) and the dissolving of relationship problems, professional problems, behavioural problems and many other troubles:

"Heal your traumas and you heal your life."

Besides of the Integrative Primal Therapy which is a regression therapy I use other methods such as TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique TM of Tapas Fleming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Inner Peace Process (of Grant Mc Fetridge, ISPS) and others.

My therapeutical path has led me from a state of non-spirituality to a perception of the divine power which is always wating for our intentions and prayers to be made to instantly hurry to our aid. Wholeheartedly I provide you with my more than 30 years of experience in the traumahealing field and almost 20 years of experience as a therapist to help you become what you really are: your true and real self.

Find my current events, lectures and groups here:  (in German)

My psychotherapy career:

1984   Start of my own Primal Therapy in Germany (so-called Primal Scream Therapy)

1986   Hakomi-Therapy in Germany

1987  Primal Therapy Weekend Workshops

1992/1993   Primal Therapist Training Group with Jürgen Kugele

1992   "The Heroes Journey" (by Paul Rebillot, Gestalttherapy) with Jürgen Kugele

1995   "The Lovers Journey" with Paul Rebillot

since 2002  Member of GIPT e.V. (German Association for Integrative Primal Therapy)

2002-2004  Alternative Practitioner of Psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie)
Training, graduation, lisence

since 2004  Member of VfP e.V. (German Association of non-medical Psychotherapists)

2007/2008  Trainings with Dr. Paul Vereshack (Kanada) - Deep Feeling Therapy

2009  Therapist Professional Training:Basic Whole Hearted Healing & Basic Peak States

2009  Training-Assistant for Dr. Paul Vereshack (Kanada) - Deep Feeling Therapy

2009  Shamanic Training with Wes Gietz: The Journey of the Healer

2011/ 2012  Traumatherapy-Training "Ritual Abuse - How to drop out of organised structures of violence" 

2013/ 2014  Traumatherapy-Training "Violence and Trauma in Warzones"

2015  Complete Facilitator-Training "Communitiy Building (Scott Peck)"